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Entry #2

Fan made video of our track!

2010-08-30 23:29:19 by LifeAroundCreativity

Shout outs to thehuntman for making a vid. with our song in the background!

C.O.D x L.A.C


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2010-09-02 00:54:55

You all are really good. Did you record all these tracks in that home studio from your youtube video?

LifeAroundCreativity responds:

yessir! we sure did lol.


2010-09-21 23:56:52

oh & thanks for checking our music out! we appreciate it!


2010-10-10 05:52:17

Hey man i really like your music if your album comes out on Itunes ill definatly buy it no shit and im sure others will too i like your style its like Gangster like represtenting yourself but not enough to sound like a rapper from the 90's and you tell storys in your rap which is what i really like which one of you guys make the beats up there simple but they work out well I also like your EP cover im gonna download these songs and put em on my ipod and show people at school (got some rap enthusiasts at school like me ) so they can buy it as well i hoonoustly hope you guys make it and hey if you wanna chat about anything i got tones of ideas for songs ive actually made a lot people like em at school yeah what evs if your up to it send me a message terwagner